Structural Design
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Structural Design

A variety of broad spectrum projects, we are handling, on well professional experienced design platform biases, with challenging character, even though this reflects on supervision aspects of different projects with punctual, distinct commitment for time period delivery, with a track record of proper limits of structural engineering, to gain the optimization of feasible design value handling projects over many fields of specialized services to provide a durable design on robust engineering value basis.Our Design philosophy are govern by moderate seismic regions factors, which draws on familiar concepts of ductility to integrates the concepts of reserve capacity, elastic flexibility, and strengths to broaden the field of design possibilities 

In addition to the role's played by the relationship of wind loads to the design process as per the international building codes, to provide a leading design which is safe and inexpensive on understanding bases of structural response, moreover we evaluate the design process of certain projects by one or more people of similar competence as a third party review (Peer review), this review methods is aiming for 

  • 1. Quality control over structural design process.
  • 2. Improve performance 
  • 3. Provide credibility 
  • 4. Suitability of structural design aspects 
  • 5. As a database for compliance and standardization. 
  • 6. To spot every mistake or flaw in the design procedure. 
  • 7. Provide competent design optimization. 
The following field of design services we are providing:
  • 1. Static Design of structures
  • 2. Dynamic Design of structures 
  • 3. Retrofitting of existing building & structures 
  • 4. 3D analytical modeling 
  • 5. Deep & shallow foundation 
  • 6. Steel structure design 
  • 7. Reinforced concrete structures 
  • 8. High rise structures 
  • 9. Post tensioned & pre-cast concrete structures 
  • 10. Steel structure design for single & multi-story building 
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