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CEC has initiated an agreement to maintain the continuity & stability of services related to a certain interdependent management functions known collectively as a contract base on local & international code of engineering practice, in order to evaluate the accuracy, completeness and currency of the cost or pricing data, and the right to examine and audit all of the contractor’s records, including:

  • The proposal for the contract, subcontract, or modification
  • The discussions conducted on the proposals including those related to negotiating
  • Pricing of the contract, subcontract, or modification
  • Performance of the contract, subcontract

The foundations for effective and successful award contract depend upon careful comprehensive and thorough implementation of the pre-award activities stages The emphasis should be focused on why the contract is being established and on whether the supplier will be able to deliver in service and technical terms. However, careful consideration must be given to how the contract will work once it has been awarded. Finally, it may not be necessary to follow every activity for every contract particularly in the case of small, simple orders, but it is advisable to read the whole guide and apply the advice provided to each stage as appropriate to the particular contractual circumstances.

The award stage comprises of the following activities:
  • 1. Ensuring that all relevant parties are aware of their roles and responsibilities in the immediate implementation and transition process
  • 2. Checking that the agreed processes for contract management are in place by all the parties
  • 3. That knowledge transfer from the procurement or project team
  • 4. This stage should also include activities such as:
  • 5. Communicating the award to the successful tenderer
  • 6. Notifying the unsuccessful tenderers
  • 7. Debriefing unsuccessful tenders
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