Acoustice Design

Acoustice Design

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Building acoustics is the complex science of controlling noise in buildings. This includes the minimisation of noise transmission from one space to another and the control of the characteristics of sound within spaces themselves.

Building acoustics are an important consideration in the design, operation and construction of most buildings, and can have a significant impact on health, communication and productivity. They can be particularly significant in spaces such as concert halls, recording studios, lecture theatres and so on, where the quality of sound and its intelligibility are very important.

Building acoustics can be influenced by:
  • • The geometry and volume of a space.
  • • The sound absorption, transmission and reflection characteristics of surfaces enclosing the space and within the space.
  • • The sound absorption, transmission and reflection characteristics of materials separating spaces.
  • • The generation of sound inside or outside the space.
  • • Airborne sound transmission.
  • • Impact noise.

An acoustic consultant can help to design, assess, manage and control sound and vibrations in the built environment. They might provide consultancy for the design or assessment of acoustics in homes, workplaces, leisure facilities, the outdoor environment and so on. They may also be described as acousticians or acoustic engineers.

The duties undertaken by acoustic consultants might include:
  • • Offering advice to architects and other designers.
  • • Noise assessments of existing buildings.
  • • CCompliance testing.
  • • Vibration monitoring.
  • • Construction site surveys.
  • • Assessing industrial sites.
  • • Assessing noise levels and noise nuisance and providing noise mitigation advice.
  • • Assessing problem spaces and equipment and proposing mitigation strategies.
  • • Assessing intelligibility and reverberation time.
  • • Carrying out acoustic analysis and design using specialist modelling software.
  • • Technical report writing.
  • • Preparing proposals.
  • • Liaising with clients, project managers, designers and contractors.
  • • Designing and working on specialist facilities and equipment such as recording studio and broadcast equipment.
  • • Developing acoustic environments for specialist spaces such as theatres, concert halls, cinemas, teaching spaces, arenas and so on.
  • • Assessing the impact of developments such as airports and roads.
  • • Assessing environmental noise and carrying out noise surveys.
  • • Expert witness services.
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